This is Anita,
the heart, brains and fingers behind NoProfitIdeas 🙂

[In alphabetical order]

Ally. Carer. Dancer. Dangerously over-educated. Democratic Communist. Exit-preneur. Intersectional feminist. PhD Student. Seeker. Southerner. Low-waster. Magara. Minimalist. Un-learner. Vegan. Volunteer. Woman being.

Narcissistic stuff

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This is a Creative Commons license.

It allows you to “remix, adapt, and build upon” NoProfitIdeas’ non-commercially, as long as you credit us and license your new creations under identical terms.

Why this website

Turns out that my “hourly value” as a non-profit consultant could fair around 100 Euros per hour, at market rates.

This would not be affordable for any of the NGOs and communities that allowed me to participate in their spaces and activities, to share knowledges and experiences. This participation is what allowed the academic titles that allegedly justify that pricing.

“Use a sliding scale!”, corporate-trained consultants said – as they went around dispensing for-profit answers, and corporate standards, and quantitative impact measurements tools to no-profit questions, problems and needs.

I saw the consequences of their work: FOMO, zero-sum games, and pointless self-questioning. Not cute, to say the least.

Plus, a 70% discount would allow a scant minority of the communities and organization I interact with to access consultancy services. And it would be mostly those located in Fortress Europe.

This made no sense to me.

So I started trying to do things differently: creatively exercising the public and autonomous right of freedom.

And here is what happened.

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