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Here is why.

It turns out that my hourly market value as a non-profit consultant could fairly be around 100 Euros per hour.

This rate is not affordable for any of the NGOs and communities that allowed me to participate in their spaces and activities so that I could acquire knowledge, experience and academic titles that allegedly justify such pricing.

A 70% discount would allow a scant minority of these communities and organization – unequally located in Europe and regularly benefit of European and/or national support – to access consultancy services.

This makes no sense – but it’s also no surprise.

The problematic convergence between the non-profit and for-profit sector has been documented for almost two decades*. The logic that corporate capitalist wealth can be the antidote to the damage done by corporate capitalist wealth is as ironical as pervasive: the term philanthrocapitalism frames the phenomenon quite effectively.

Market-States, philanthrocapitalism giants and corporate-trained consultants started delivering for-profit answers and practical directions to real or fabricated non-profit questions and problems. The image, history, sense of identity, self-worth, agency and empowerment of civil society actors is under attack.

Unsurprisingly, as the fish that chokes in last position during the three-climbing race, civil society suffer soul-snatching exploitation while being outperformed by businesses in evaluations and assessments that are made by and for commercial enterprises.

So how about enough?

*Purple is for, yes, I’ll elaborate on this, with academic and non-academic references.

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